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Many different conditions can be successfully treated by physiotherapy. Please click on the diagram below for information on common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help you.

  • Fractures
  • Elbow, Wrist And Hand Pain
  • Tennis Elbow And Golfer’s Elbow
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Sprains And Strains

Fractures in forearm and wrist are common by falling injury, as we have a reflex action that when we fall our hand always go first to protect us from bigger injury. Commonly fractures occur in the bones of forearm that is radius and ulna, sometimes fractures occur in a small bone in wrist called scaphoid, which is attached to the radius bone.

Fractures can be managed by placing a plaster cast or in severe case by surgical procedures.

How physiotherapy treatment helps -

During the healing phase, when in plaster cast or after surgery, when in immobilisation, the elbow, wrist and fingers become very stiff. Range of motion and strength are decreased. Even shoulder also becomes stiff sometimes due to lack of movement during Immobilisation period.

So the rehabilitation procedure may include –

  • Mobility and flexibility of stiff joints and muscles by exercise.
  • Strengthening of weak muscles.
  • Educate the patient how to start normal activity of effected area after healing.

For accurate post fracture rehabilitation, contact me on 8585896151 with your prescription and medical history. Rehabilitation protocol will be made in coordination with your physician.

Poor posture, repetitive activities such as cooking, typing, gripping, twisting etc. cause tightening of the muscles in forearm. This can have a effect on wrist, hand and elbow movement. Even this can cause inflammation sometimes.

Overuse also can be a factor of forearm muscle injury during long time typing, writing, and weight lifting on sports. Most of the muscles that are involved in wrist and hand movement are actually located in forearm. So, problems can be interrelated.

How physiotherapy treatment helps -

A proper well diagnosed physiotherapy treatment helps you to reduce your pain by evaluating the joint movement pattern, joint mechanics and muscle condition. I’ll first locate your actual area of irritation, then diagnose the joint limitations, muscle strength and root cause. A customized treatment plan will be made accordingly to give you quick relief.

The treatment procedures may include -

  • Use of modalities to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Dry needling technique to loosen Tight muscles.
  • Mobility and strengthening exercises.
  • Educate the patient about how to avoid further injury.

For proper management call me on8585896151.

Tennis elbow caused due to the repetitive injury of the muscles attached to the bony outside of the elbow. These muscles help to extend your wrist and fingers. Some strenous activity of forearm and wrist in poor posture causes this condition such as lifting weight on wrist, writing for a long time on a high desk etc.

Severe tenderness occurs around the Bony attachment of extensor muscle that is outside the elbow. Pain aggravated during gripping, twisting or lifting like movement.

Golfers elbow occurs on the inner side of your elbow due to repetitive injury or overuse of muscles that flexes your wrist and fingers. In this case, tenderness occurs in the inner side of elbow during movement of hand and wrist.

How physiotherapy treatment helps-

These conditions can be well managed by physical therapy which include –

  • Our most advanced class 4 laser therapy.
  • Dry needling therapy.
  • Strengthening exercises for affected muscles.
  • Furthermore, some hands on techniques for the tissues and joints helps to recover the problem very quick.

For effective and quick result Come to the clinic or contact on 8585886151 through phone.

There are lots of nerves travelling along the Forearm, wrist and hand. When nerve damage occurs due to any injury, loss of sensation, numbness or weakness of muscles of forearm, wrist and hand happens. This leads to the difficulties in doing normal daily activities. Nerve injuries also can occurs due to overuse of some muscle groups in profession or from a post surgical nerve damage. These condition does not allow blood to circulate into the nerves and causes various symptoms.

How physiotherapy treatment helps-

First you will be diagnosed very carefully for your condition to determine the actual cause and region of nerve compression. Then I will customize a treatment plan which helps in removing the Nerve compression, relieve symptoms, strengthening of the muscles and get back you the active life very soon.

The procedures may include

  • Some guided movement to relieve pressures on nerves.
  • Some very effective handsome techniques to remove the compression.
  • Strengthening exercises for weak muscle groups.
  • Educate the patient about ergonomics and posture to avoid further injury.

For a good physiotherapy and quick result come to the clinic or call me on 8585896151.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the pressure on median nerve between the carpal bones in wrist. Also called median nerve compression syndrome. Carpal tunnel is a narrow passage surrounded by bones and ligaments on the palm side of the hand.

Pressures on median nerve can build excessively due to following factors –

  • After a wrist fracture, dislocation or arthritic condition, the space within the carpal tunnel is reduced.
  • This tunnel is relatively small in females, so they are more prone to this compression.
  • Some inflammatory condition like Rheumatoid arthritis can cause this compression.
  • Obesity can also be a factor.
  • Some chronic illness such as diabetes can cause severe nerve damage including median nerve.
  • Repetitive wrist flexion and twisting movement in workplace also can cause this condition.

As median nerve provide sensation to the plamer side of the thumb and fingers, except little finger, and also responsible for the movement of muscles around the base of thumb, compression of this nerve causes tingling sensation of this area along with weakness of muscles which makes daily activities very difficult.

How physiotherapy treatment helps-

Physiotherapy is most important here, by which you can avoid any surgical procedures. Our emphasis will be on removing the compression and spacing of carpal tunnel to protect the nerve from further injury.

Procedures may include-

  • Mobilisation of tight joints in wrist.
  • Stretching of tight ligaments.
  • Some proper hands on techniques to relieve nerve compression.
  • Range of motion exercises.
  • Most advanced class for laser can reduce the inflammation very quickly.
  • Strengthening of wrist musculature to avoid further narrowing of carpal tunnel.

Most surgeries in the elbow, wrist and hand involve tendons and ligaments repair in this region. After surgery, if needed, your physician will suggest you for physiotherapy. In post surgical condition there may be swelling which can cause nerve damage or due to immobilisation of the wrist, joints may get very stiff. Physiotherapy will help you to reduce post surgical stiffness, swelling and pain very effectively.

How physiotherapy treatment helps-

A proper well planned rehabilitation protocol will be made after seeing your medical and surgical history and in conjunction with your physician. The rehabilitation protocol includes –

  • Gentle and specialised hands on techniques.
  • Mobilisation of stiff joints.
  • Strengthening of weak musculature.
  • Some guided movement to reduce swelling. The better this swelling is controlled, the faster your recovery can be.

Sprains and strains occur in wrist and hand very easily as we do various kinds of movement in our daily life Using our wrist joint. sprains referrers to the injury of ligaments and strains refers to the injury of joints. These Occur due to quick overstretching of tissues causing micro tearing and subsequent injuries. Symptoms involves swelling, decreased range of motion, and pain. In severe cases, surgery may be indicated, when there is complete tear. But in partial tear, conservative treatment is the only option, where physiotherapy plays most vital role along with some anti-inflammatory medications.

How physiotherapy treatment helps-

the goal of physiotherapy is to restore normal function of hand and wrist by decreasing pain, swelling and increasing the mobility and flexibility.

Firstly, I evaluate the injured area and determine the exact location and extent of injury. Then guide the patient for healing quickly with rest, compression bandage, ice and elevation of the limb. Some physiotherapy modalities helps to heal quickly. After that some mobilisation technique and strengthening exercises will be given to the patient to restore their normal function. Our most advanced class four laser therapy Plays a vital role here to reduce inflammation caused due to injury very fast

To discover most effective and quick physiotherapy management come to the clinic or contact with me on 8585896151 through phone.