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Many different conditions can be successfully treated by physiotherapy. Please click on the diagram below for information on common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help you.

  • Post fracture conditions
  • Post surgical conditions
  • Bursitis/Tendinitis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Dislocation of shoulder
  • Shoulder pain

Fall on our outstretched hand is common cause of shoulder fracture, also there could be a variety of reasons. Osteoporosis in old age people can also cause fracture.

Fracture is managed by putting a plaster cast for safe positioning of bone to heal for 6 to 8 weeks.

This stabilisation of bone lead to joint stiffness proximal to fracture site and weaken adjacent muscle groups.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation is very much needed after this Stabilisation period to restore normal range of motion and strength to the shoulder.

How physiotherapy treatment helps

For post fracture rehabilitation, I need to follow a protocol that is best suited to you and help you to get back your normal active shoulder joint as early as possible. The treatment protocol will be made after co-ordinating with your physician.

the exercises may include –

  • Range of motion exercises
  • Mobilisation of joints
  • Strengthening of shoulder muscles
  • Give psychological support to patients to overcome the condition

A well personalised physiotherapy programme will help patients to get back in normal life very soon.

For an effective physiotherapeutic rehabilitation consult with me on 8585896151/9735385456.

There are a variety of shoulder surgeries that is performed by orthopaedic surgeons to stabilise shoulder joint, to repair ligaments, tendons.

After surgery, the soldier kept stabilised for certain period. After that physiotherapy rehabilitation needed to restore range of motion, strength and mobility Of the joint And to gain normal function of shoulder joint.

How physiotherapy rehabilitation helps

In post surgical condition, patients may face difficulties in their daily life activities like sleeping, bathing ,dressing etc. As a rehabilitation expert I will guide the patient how to adapt to those activities while recovering. First, I will diagnose the range of motion, strength and muscle mobility and plan for a customized rehabilitation programme which may include-

  • Gentle mobilisation of stiff joint
  • Strengthening exercises for the week muscles surrounding the joint
  • Range of motion exercises to restore normal mobility of the joint
  • muscle flexibility and stretching techniques

A personalised treatment programme will help patients to get back their normal soldier activities very fast.

In post surgical rehabilitation, I make a proper rehabilitation protocol After coordinating with your physician.

To get an effective rehabilitation, contact me on 8585896151 or come to our clinic with your prescription.

A bursa is a fluid filled SAC that sits between muscles or tissues as cushion to reduce friction. In solder joint there is rather large bursa between muscle and joint. Sometimes they become inflamed because of abnormal joint movement, poor posture and weakness of muscles. People feels pain, irritation with movements. This is called bursitis.

Tendons connect muscles to bone. Sometimes these tendons of shoulder joint are also become inflamed due to any injury or abnormal movements. Specially biceps tendon gets inflamed called bicipital tendonitis. Pain can be felt deep in the solder or in front of the shoulder as a sharp, catching sensation with certain movements.

How physiotherapy treatment helps –

As an experienced musculo skeletal therapist, firstly I diagnose the condition properly by taking medical history and performing some special tests. Once the condition is diagnosed well, I will make a customise treatment plan to recover the movements and alleviate the pain.

The treatment procedures may include

  • Most advanced class 4 laser therapy
  • Some pain-relieving advanced modalities
  • Mobility of shoulder joint
  • Dry needling
  • Strengthening of surrounding muscle groups which can prevent any further occurrence of this condition.

With a well planned treatment programme, patients get back their normal pain free shoulder movement very easily.

For any consultation, please call me on 8585896151 or come to my clinic directly. first consultation is absolutely free.

For a sports person, shoulder injury is very common and generally caused due to fall on outstretched arm or from repetitive overhead actions in sports like badminton, swimming, tennis etc. Shoulder injury also happens from muscle imbalance when pre season training is not sufficient for any sports to strengthen all muscle groups.

How physiotherapy treatment helps

First you will be diagnosed well for determining the accurate area of injury and grade of injury. Then set a goal to rehabilitate you to back to your favourite sports activities pain free very soon. The techniques may include –

  • Healing of injured area by reducing inflammation. For reduction of the inflammation, we will use some advanced modalities or mostly advanced class 4 laser therapy.
  • Strengthening exercises for weakene muscles caused you to strain and sprain.
  • Unique care plan for injured area to protect it from further injury.

Without rotator cuff, you would not be able to lift your arm for doing any activities. Actually, the rotator cuff is group of muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. These muscles named supraspinatus, infraspinatus, sub- scapularis and teres minor are small and not that powerful, but play a vital role in how the shoulder moves and in what direction. The rotator cuff helps the head of humerus bone of arm to keep down and spin so that it clears the Bony shelf above the socket called the acromion. When the rotator cuff is weak, the head of humerus rides up slamming into the acromion above it. This incident causes rotator cuff injury which can be minor, causing pain and inflammation or major which can require surgery.

How physiotherapy treatment helps-

For a small tear, physical therapy can magically reduces pain, improve function and allow you to lead an active lifestyle without any problems. As an experienced physiotherapist, I will first diagnose you properly by doing some special tests to determine the exact cause of pain and inflammation. After proper diagnosis I will make a personalised treatment plan which may include –

  • Using advanced Electro therapy modalities to reduce acute inflammation and pain
  • strengthening exercises for rotator cuff muscles
  • range of motion exercises for shoulder joint
  • proper education and awareness of patient to avoid further injury

With an accurate physiotherapeutic treatment, you will get your normal shoulder movement very first.

if surgery done, then I will follow the proper post surgical rehabilitation protocol after coordinating with surgeon to restore normal function of shoulder as soon as possible.

Frozen solder is very common in people of middle age to old age group and medically called “adhesive capsulitis”

This condition is painful and joint range of motion is drastically reduced in chronic cases. It typically occurs after a trauma or repetitive injury to the shoulder.

With frozen soldier, the joint capsule made of tissues surrounding the Shoulder joint becomes Inflamed and contracted. So, the shoulder joint flexibility is reduced. This causes very painful range of motion in the shoulder when trying to move the arm.

At the beginning of this condition, shoulder is very painful and started reduce joint mobility. This can be around 4 to 8 weeks of duration. After that, movement is very limited in shoulder joint but often not as painful.

How physiotherapy treatment helps –

With taking some anti-inflammatory medicine, physiotherapy is the only option to get rid of this problem faster.

I will first diagnose the pain scale, range of motion of shoulder, muscle weakness and wasting, surrounding muscle group tightness etc. Then plan for a customized and best suited treatment plan for you which may include-

  • Class four laser therapy along with electrotherapy as per need to reduce inflammation quickly.
  • Advanced dry needling technique to reduce muscle tightness.
  • The new Mackenzie technique of exercises for the faster mobility of joint.
  • strengthening exercises off shoulder muscles.
  • Mobilisation of shoulder joint to increase range of motion.

With some advanced exercise techniques and modalities, I assure you faster, and better recovery so you can join daily life activities as soon as possible.

Dislocation of shoulder joint is typically occurring from falling onto an outstretched arm or a blow to the side or back of the shoulder when falling on it. This can happen during sports or a simple accident also. Dislocations can be medically managed to relocate the shoulder head and get it stabilised by sling and belt for certain period. When shoulder get dislocated, the surrounding structures of joint Including ligaments and tendons also may get damaged and become too lax.

Sometimes dislocations can be severe and lead to tearing of the cartilage, tendons, ligaments or muscles. In this case surgery is often needed.

How physiotherapy treatment helps

Physiotherapy is very important after a dislocation. As an expert, I work with you closely to protect the joint while heals, and teach you how to take care of your injury. After stabilisation, in non surgical and surgical cases, I will coordinate with your physician and follow a rehabilitation protocol which may include

  • Gradually increase joint range of motion by doing passive or active assisted or active exercises.
  • Strengthening of muscles to maintain joint stability and avoid any further incident.
  • Home exercise programme also will be given to the patient to maintain the stability of shoulder joint in future.

Also I will guide you on how to start activities in normal life gradually.

DShoulder is most complex joint in human body. It can move 180 degrees of motion in almost every directions, rotate, slide and spin also. Technically there are four joints that make the whole shoulder complex.

Often Poor posture, weakened muscle, old injury and lack of proper range of motion causes shoulder pain. sometimes sprains and strains are also may be the underlying causes of shoulder pain. Sprain occurs in ligaments and strain occurs in muscles. Both originates from overstretching of tissues resulting in micro tearing of the tissues. The resulting painful inflammation typically increased with movement

How physiotherapy treatment helps –

As different factors can be involved in shoulder pain, as an expert, first I need to diagnose the shoulder very carefully and will find the proper cause of pain by evaluating range of motion, strength, coordination, mobility and by performing some special tests. By determining the root cause, I can be able to customise a treatment plan which will best suit you and that may include-

  • Advanced class four laser and electrotherapy to reduce inflammation faster and lower the pain.
  • Treatment of the root pathology.
  • Strengthening of damaged structures surrounding the joint.
  • Restoring joint mobility.
  • Training of patient to start daily life activities gradually after recovery.

I can assure you faster and better recovery through our huge experience.

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